The Orange County Register: Red Table
Orange County register Red table Presser

The Orange County Register: Red Table

There is no shortage of restaurants in Orange County that have embraced the concept of dining in a casual, communal atmosphere – one where food is placed on a pedestal, beverages are an integral rather than peripheral part of the meal, and people and good company take center stage. It’s a formulaic trio that is enticing in its simplicity and attractive in its mission – and one of which we can’t get enough.

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Join us at Red Table for a culinary experience that caters to every palate and occasion. Discover a wide array of dining options, from our daily specials and happy hour delights to a comprehensive everyday menu, a child-friendly selection, and our exclusive Weekend Brunch, all in the scenic locale of Huntington Beach. Red Table is your go-to destination for unwinding, indulging, and savoring every moment.

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